The unique versatility of this incredible island is waiting for you..

Fuerteventura is so much more than sun, sea and sand. The Opportunities for an active tourism experience here are unlimited, allowing us to craft an unforgettable week where you can explore the hidden and picturesque corners of this earthly paradise aboard a top-end e-mtb. Complimenting and balancing the rugged, volcanic trails; the island’s beaches provide the perfect spots to snorkel, surf or paddle-board in an unspoiled environment you’ll remember for a lifetime. To complete the experience we’ve sourced the very best local produce and ingredients, along with experts in Canarian and Spanish gastronomy to deliver incredible menus, aromas and tastes that we know you’ll love.

A once in a life-time experience, supported by professionals passionate about nature and sports. Designed to inspire a lust for life and delivered with care and good-humour.

Single occupancy: 3.750€ per person

Double occupancy: 3.225€ per person


Is it for me?

Yes! If you are an active person or you play sports, if you love the sea or the mountains, if you are excited by new experiences or yearn to swap cold, winter weather for Fuerteventura’s ‘forever spring’. We tailor each activity to fit the level of exertion and activity that the group desires, so all that’s required is for you to have fun every day at a pace that suits you. Activities can of course be adapted or substituted to maximize your time here.

How hard it is?

We have designed our week schedule to satisfy visitors with any level of fitness or ability. For us it’s most important that each participant is free to choose both the sporting and recreational objectives for their trip without external pressure. We are here to advise and support, and we specialize in active tourism. We understand that each person has different needs and we’re able to tailor and adapt our core programme to suit any individual.

*Please note that all routes are subject to change depending on local conditions.

All trips include:

  • Expert planning and guide support from our team (e-bike, surfing and SUP).
  • Shuttle Van and driver.
  • Premium e-Bikes, surf-boards and paddle-boards.
  • Unique routes.
  • Top-level mechanics.
  • Professional photo & video capture.
  • Travel to and from the airport.

Flights and travel insurance are not included.
Double occupancy as standard.

Trip highlights:

  • Catch all the best views, brought to life by the light of the sunsets over the volcanoes and rocky coast-line.
  • Experience the power and versatility of our Commnecal META Power e-mountain bikes.
  • Sample a traditional and authentic paella cooked by a native Valencian.
  • A tranquil but incredible SUP tour to the crystal-clear waters that surround the island of Lobos. We paddle then greet the dusk, then experience the epic island sunset.
  • Traditional Spanish food provided throughout; where possible prepared with local and seasonal ingredients … and always with lots of love.
  • Learn to surf in paradise. The thrill of catching those very first waves is incredible.
  • Taking our volcanic, e-bike night-ride for an amazing “another planet” experience.
  • The atmosphere is always relaxed, good-humoured and easy, but our guides remain supportive, attentive and fully focused on your enjoyment and safety.
  • The slower pace of life and laid-back vibe of Fuerteventura is the perfect environment to un-wind, de-stress and meditate.


On the day of your arrival when the long hours of travel may mean fatigue or tired limbs, we would like to welcome you to your BKRS  experience with a barbecue made from locally and ethically sourced sea-food and fish.  Relax, settle in and unwind whilst sampling the best local produce, cooked simply, using traditional methods, and getting to know the group before for the coming adventures. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have and to meet your guide.

Day one begins with a delicious, healthy breakfast designed to keep you feeling fuelled until lunch-time before we launch directly into our first e-mountain bike test-ride where we can assess fitness and ability levels of the group and offer coaching and support to get you back in the saddle and riding with confidence.  After our ride we’ll visit the beautiful fishing village of Cotillo where we’ll sample an incredible, authentic local dishes, steeped in the traditions of the cooking  at the amazing, family owned restaurant. This place offers the perfect combination of stunning views of the old fishing harbour alongside amazing seafood dishes made from the freshest, local ingredients providing a real treat for the taste-buds.

After lunch we’ll hit the unspoiled, golden beaches where we have kites and buggies used to recycle the power of the wind into adrenaline and fun. Of course, if you prefer, you can also swim, relax, chat or just enjoy the quiet beauty of the sandy shore.

Later we focus on relaxation and mindfulness utilising Yoga and meditation exercises, helping you learn to better control your breathing and thoughts, and use the power of mindfulness to overcome the anxieties and stresses of modern life.  The body can only work to its fullest potential if mental well-being is also understood and then nurtured.  In the evening, a mouth-watering yet healthy, balanced and satisfying meal will be served at your accommodation following the day’s activities to leave you fuelled and ready for another awesome adventure on day two.

After another hearty and delicious breakfast, day two begins with Yoga and meditation to help you start the day feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready for anything.  This time we take our practise on the stunning beach at El Cotillo where the sound and beauty of the majestic waves that crash on the rocks promote feelings of peace, serenity and unity with nature.

Lunch will be served at the family-run place located right next to the picturesque beaches of the Los Lagos (meaning lakes or lagoons) area of El Cotillo, providing a relaxed and informal spot just a few paces from the sand.  Why not enjoy a glass of their amazing fresh-pressed juice or a home-made smoothie alongside a delicious, fresh salad, bocadillo, hamburger or wrap?  The menu at the restaurant is prepared with passion, packed with locally sourced ingredients and is designed to delight the senses, nourish the body, and to satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

Just two kilometres off the Corralejo coast is the incredible island of Lobos which means Wolves, but was actually named for the ‘sea-wolves’ (monk-seals) which once greeted Spanish conquerors.  Today, Lobos is a beautiful, unpopulated nature-reserve, home to over 130 different plant species and designated a protected area for bird-life, so we must journey to the island by boat.   We’ll disembark to explore the abundant coastal sea-life using snorkels and masks, then swim, SUP or play in the crystal clear waters, or clamber ashore to explore the islands interior and walking trails where recent evidence of Roman occupation has been discovered.

In the evening, another healthy, satisfying feast awaits, all served in the relaxed setting of your accommodation. Day three is a big day so we suggest you eat well and rest-up.  Tomorrow will be epic!

Day three is all action, so we recommend that you fuel up with our fresh, hearty and yummy breakfast before we grab the bikes and boards and head out to hit the trails and waves.

After our initial trial ride it’s time to grab an e-bike, don our helmets, pro-end kit and hydro-packs and explore this amazing island from the saddle.  Our  E-MTB Scenic route takes us south from El Cotillo along the coastal track, which offers amazing beach views and a preview of the surf-waves for later in the day.  We make the most of our power assisted machines and turn off the path to follow the baranco (meaning gully or ravine) uphill and into the volcanoes where we’ll enjoy some of the best views the island has to offer and experience the rugged beauty of the volcanic landscape. Keep your eyes open and we may catch a glimpse of the rabbits, chip-monks or even buzzards and hawks that living locally.  From the caldera peaks it’s all down-hill as we race homeward via the lovely village of Lajares, along the back-lanes and cycle trails, to base-camp where well-earned refreshments await.

Whilst you wash away the dust our Valencian Chef will begin to prepare a wonderful paella; the perfect complement to the days action-packed pursuits.  We’ll have ample time to eat, rest weary legs and exchange tails from the trail before we gear-up and head to the beach for our next activity; Surfing the gentle beach-break at Cotillo (or other suitable location … all surfers learn to follow the waves).

Our highly qualified instructors will help you find the right board based on your ability and whilst we cannot guarantee everyone will be shredding waves by the end of the session, we do promise to offer all the coaching, support and care you could hope for and surfing Fuerteventura’s waves is almost certain leave you grinning from ear to ear.  The thrill of catching that first wave is indescribable and we know from experience that those surfing for the first time are often hooked for life during just a brief session.  The amazing feeling when you harness power of the waves to speed toward the beach can be a transcendent experience, and one that will keep you feeling supple, physically fit and healthy if pursued throughout life.

In the evening we will have dinner in the charming village of Villa Verde (meaning green villa or house) is the perfect traditional, Canarian venue to enjoy an authentic Canarian meal such as kid-goat or sautéed veal, or house specialities including pickled partridge, leg of lamb, a rich and delicious garlic soup, or if you have a sweet-tooth; the donuts San Marcos are out of this world.  Founded in 1968 this house represents the best of traditional Canarian cuisine, and is famous for the kind of warm welcome, attentive service and passion for traditional recipes that only a family-owned and run restaurant can offer.

We start day four at a bakery in Lajares where you can expect a massive treat for the senses as you enter the unassuming entrance under the large, hand-made wooden sign.  The amazing variety of breads, cakes and world-class pastries create a riot of colours and aromas, delighting the eye and bathing you in scents such as buttery croissant, sweet custard and home-baked loaves and baguettes.  Lajares is a mecca for surfers, cyclists and wind-sports enthusiast too so it’s the ideal location to browse, or to pick up a pair of sunnies, board-shorts or other surf equipment before we hit the beaches and waves again for our second surf session of the week.

Next we get back in the water it’s entirely up to you if you’d like to swap from a ‘foamy’ board to a fibreglass surfboard to test your skills, or progress on the board you loved before.  We’ll always be there to support and guide, to help you get the most from your session and always at a pace that suits you.  Maybe it’s time to master catching ‘green waves’ or duck-diving to reach the line-up?  Or maybe you’d prefer to master your pop-up technique or even just chill out on the beach and watch everyone else playing in the surf.  The choice is of course yours.

A restaurant in Lajares is our lunch venue and provides a truly authentic canarian experience, offering simple yet delicious Canarian favourites including a rich and tasty goat stew, a classic canarian salad of perfectly ripe tomatoes and local goats’ cheese, or grilled, charred octopus for the sea-food lovers.  The ambience at Los Pinchitos, like the food, is simple yet welcoming, authentic and comforting. Every dish is packed full of flavour and made with natural ingredients and a lot of love, setting you up perfectly for an afternoon of relaxation and mindfulness as we again concentrate on our mental and emotional well-being.

As evening approaches, first we hit the massage tables where highly trained practitioners will help to ease the aches and pains, stresses and strains, which can build-up in our muscles through repeated movements at home or work, from improper actions during sporting activities, or simply from existing at the pace of modern life.  Massage is also a superb aid to mental well-being affording us the opportunity to stop, relax, reflect or even meditate.

Our evening meal will served at a very special place often overlooked by tourists and is a strange but inspiring combination of both restaurant and art gallery.   The ambience is arty and elegant yet friendly, the food a delightful combination of local, Canarian ingredients and superb Italian cooking, and the artworks provide a backdrop that elevates the  experience head and shoulders above most of the competition.  Expect contemporary gastronomy that not only tastes amazing but wouldn’t look out of place in fine-dining establishments with Michelin stars above their doors.  At 722 creative, modern cooking helps showcase all that’s best about Italian culinary techniques and local canarian ingredients.

Day five is all about rising early and then making the most of the approaching dusk as we begin the day with breakfast and then another relaxing and centring Yoga and meditation session where we’ll build on what we’ve learned so far, and develop our Yoga abilities and flexibility, or concentrate on meditation, relaxation or mindfulness.

To recharge the batteries for the evenings two-wheeled adventure we’ll take lunch in a Villaverde’s restaurant which is decorated to resemble a traditional canarian home and houses a traditional canarian oven and barbeque grill from which are served some of the most succulent, tender and often belt-busting portions of meat you’ll ever eat.  The service is informal and friendly to reflect the décor, and the freshly prepared dishes range from seafood and salads to all manner of grilled or roasted chops, shanks and steaks. This is the ideal place to build up some reserve calories for the evening’s e-mountain bike night-ride.

Our E-MTB Night-ride begins in the pretty town of Lajares at around dusk, as we seize the last remaining daylight to reach an exquisite spot, from where we’ll enjoy an incredible, Canarian sunset. From there we turn on the lights and traverse coastal paths until we will arrive at a magnificent and mountainous region, the true beauty of which is rendered almost magical by the cover of night.  We’ll enjoy the natural grandeur of Fuerteventura, soaking up the silence and the absence of light-pollution. Finally we’ll descend, back toward Lajares where we will round off our adventure with a well-earned snack, whilst sharing the stories and adventures of the expedition.

The evening is a chance to relax and unwind after a challenging but rewarding ride.  We’ll take care of dinner which will be served at your accommodation and of course, will be just as appetising and nourishing as all the other gastronomic treats of the week.

We rise to greet the sun on your final day with us and again we focus on relaxation and mindfulness through yoga before an unforgettable fishing boat-trip later in the day.  We’ll build on the techniques we’ve learned to help you relax and gain life-long skills such as meditation that can provide a source of refuge and rest whenever you need it after you return home.  Breakfast will be served at your accommodation and lead into a final massage session to work out any remaining muscular aches or stresses to allow you to enjoy some free time on your final day and arrive in peak condition; rested, relaxed and ready for a fish-hooking (hopefully) voyage on the high seas.

A fully equipped fishing boat  will collect us from the port of Corralejo early in the afternoon and will take us out onto the open water where your captain and experienced local fisherman will help to set-up and then use rods, nets and all other equipment so you can experience traditional line fishing from the comfort of the boat and in the hands of her capable captain   The spectacular views of the coastline and the breath-taking ocean waves and swells, added to the chance to bag yourself a mullet, bream, parrot fish, or even a barracuda make this an unforgettable voyage and a perfect way to end your stay on Fuerteventura.  Seeing how the professionals provide such fresh, amazing ingredients is a fitting compliment to all of the amazing gastronomic pleasures of the week and gives a true insight into the effort expended and joy felt by Los Pescadores (fishermen) in their work.

Our final gastronomic experience means a home barbecue to enjoy the catch of the day. It’s time to take stock and enjoy the company of a group that by now are likely to be life-long friends, and this is a great opportunity to talk, laugh and swap social media details and mobile numbers before a good night’s rest and a return to normal life.

We hope you return home refreshed, invigorated and with new skills, hobbies and friends to carry with you throughout life, and we are super-proud and pleased to be able to share our passion for Fuerteventura, its nature and laid-back lifestyle with you.  We hope you love our amazing little island as much as we do and come back and see us all very soon.

Thanks for the memories and buen viaje.


Any questions?

If you would like any further information, please send us your contact details and we will contact you as soon as we get off the bike. You can also call us here (+34) 609970382!

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