The perfect way to experience the world of  electric bikes whilst tasting the very best of the islands culinary delights.

It’s no coincidence that Spain is one of the most important gastronomic and culinary hubs of the world. Passion, hard work and centuries of tradition and culture are combined with superb ingredients and a national psyche deeply rooted in a desire for good food, good company and good living, to create truly authentic and delicious flavours. The Canary islands blend perfectly the traditional and local, with the artisan and original to create a paradise for the palate, and the rest of the senses too. Sharing food is at the heart of our identities and we’re sure that the multitude of cheeses, wines, local seafood dishes and traditional stews will lodge in the memory for a lifetime.

Single occupancy: 3.750€ per person

Double occupancy: 3.225€ per person

Is it for me?

This trip is design for all ages, abilities and physical conditions. You may be new to mountain biking or not have ridden for many years. Maybe you´re nervous or apprehensive about getting back on two wheels? Develop new skills, improve your balance and bike handling, and have an adventure along the way.

Learn and ride at your own pace, over terrain that’s exciting and occasionally challenging, coached by professional, well qualified guides and instructors. Discover what lies beyond the tourist trails and see the island in all its rugged beauty.

How hard it is?

We have designed our week schedule to satisfy visitors with any level of fitness or ability. For us it’s most important that each participant is free to choose both the sporting and recreational objectives for their trip without external pressure. We are here to advise and support, and we specialize in active tourism. We understand that each person has different needs and we’re able to tailor and adapt our core programme to suit any individual.

*Please note that all routes are subject to change depending on local conditions.

All trips include:

  • Expert planning and guide support from our team.
  • Shuttle Van and driver.
  • Premium e-Bikes.
  • Unique routes.
  • Top-level mechanics.
  • Massage therapist
  • All breakfasts, lunchs and dinners.
  • Two varieties of wine every day and a selection of cheeses and tapas.
  • Shuttle Van and driver.
  • Travel to and from the airport.

Flights and travel insurance are not included.
Double occupancy as standard.

Trip highlights:

  • Catch all the best views, brought to life by the light of the sunsets over the volcanoes and rocky coast-line.
  • Experience the power and versatility of our Commnecal META Power e-mountain bikes.
  • Taking our volcanic, e-bike night-ride for an amazing “another planet” experience.
  • The massages.
  • Sample a traditional and authentic paella cooked by a native Valencian.
  • Sea-food and fish + Meat & Veggies barbacues.
  • The amazing restaurants.
  • The incredible breakfasts.
  • The atmosphere is always relaxed, good-humoured and easy, but our guides remain supportive, attentive and fully focused on your enjoyment and safety.
  • The slower pace of life and laid-back vibe of Fuerteventura is the perfect environment to un-wind, de-stress and meditate.


On the day of your arrival when the long hours of travel may mean fatigue or tired limbs, we would like to welcome you to your BKRS  experience with a barbecue made from locally and ethically sourced sea-food and fish.  Relax, settle in and unwind whilst sampling the best local produce, cooked simply, using traditional methods, and getting to know the group before for the coming adventures. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have and to meet your guide.

Day one begins with a delicious breakfast designed to keep you feeling fuelled until lunch-time before we launch directly into our first e-mountain bike test-ride.  Our circular trial e-bike Fuerteventura route is suitable for anyone and runs along coastal paths from El Cotillo, beautifully showcasing the rugged and isolated wave-battered bays and beaches.

After our ride we’ll visit the beautiful fishing village of Cotillo where we’ll sample an incredible, authentic paella, steeped in the traditions of the cooking  at the amazing, family owned restaurant. This place offers the perfect combination of stunning views of the old fishing harbour alongside amazing seafood dishes made from the freshest, local ingredients providing a real treat for the taste-buds.

At night, the gastronomic journey at the Villa will begin, which will cover the best awarded wines, cheeses and tapas from both the Iberian peninsula and the Canary Islands. You will be able to learn about the secrets and traditions that maintain the unique elaboration of the products, understand little more about the different regions from which they come, and better comprehend what makes these products stand out from the rest for their exceptional quality and flavour.

After another delicious breakfast we shuttle to explore the south-western part of the island in a unique day mixing rich historical heritage with stunning panoramic views. This region is the proud holder of many secrets and legends that are sure to suprise and intrigue. Betancuria was the original capital of the Kingdom of the Canary Islands, and later capital of Fuerteventura. It is a magical place, full of history and possessing a unique beauty.

We will have dinner in  a wonderfully renovated 17 th century farmhouse, lying in Bentancuria’s historical centre, opposite the ancient church “Santa Maria” on Fuerteventura. The restaurant, awarded multiple times by the “Guide Michelin ” for being the most “charming restaurant” on the island, is an architectural and culinary experience. The Chef presents traditional yet creative cuisine. For years the restaurant has been known for the extraordinary quality of its foods and drinks.

Breakfast will be served at your accommodation and followed by an individual massage session to help ease out any muscular aches and tiredness so that you are relaxed and able to fully enjoy this free day.

For dinner we will visit a Villaverde’s restaurant, which is decorated to resemble a traditional canarian home, and houses a traditional canarian oven and barbeque grill from which are served some of the most succulent, tender and frequently belt-busting portions of meat you’ll ever eat. The service is informal and friendly to reflect the décor, and the freshly prepared dishes range from seafood and salads to all manner of grilled or roasted chops, shanks and steaks.

Day four will take you into the wonderful world and work of César Manrique, architect, sculptor, painter and pioneer of sustainable development and ecology in Spain. He had a major influence on the planning regulations in Lanzarote when he recognised its potential as a tourist destination and lobbied successfully to encourage the sustainable development of tourism. We are going to visit two of his great achievements on the island: “Los Jameos del Agua “ and “El Mirador del Río” (The River Viewpoint).

For lunch we will enjoy freshly caught fish with delightful sea views in a local restaurant serving tasty and traditional food from the area.

After eating we will head back to Fuerteventura to enjoy a sumptuous afternoon relaxing in the a Spa. We will finish the day dining in the five start Hotel’s restaurant where you will be able to choose from a wide variety of world cuisine, all of the utmost quality and prepared with the finest ingredients.

After another magnificent breakfast in the Villa, you will have a new free day in Fuerteventura.

Later as dusk begins to settle our E-MTB Night-ride will begin in the picturesque town of Lajares, as we seize the last remaining daylight to reach an exquisite spot from where we’ll enjoy the spectacular Canarian sunset. From there we turn on the lights and traverse coastal paths until we will arrive at a magnificent and mountainous region, the true beauty of which is rendered almost magical by the cover of the night sky. We’ll enjoy the natural grandeur of Fuerteventura, soaking up the silence and the absence of light-pollution. Finally we’ll descend, heading back toward Lajares where we will round off our adventure with a well-earned snack, whilst sharing the stories and adventures of the expedition.

Our evening meal will be served a very special place often overlooked by tourists and which is a curious and innovative combination of both restaurant and art gallery. The atmosphere is arty and elegant yet it remains friendly, and the food a delightful combination of local Canarian ingredients and superb Italian cooking. Then of course one must not forget the setting, with original artworks providing a backdrop that elevates the experience head and shoulders above most of the competition. Expect contemporary gastronomy that not only tastes amazing but wouldn’t look out of place in fine-dining establishments with Michelin stars above their doors. In this place the creative, modern cooking helps showcase the very best of Italian culinary techniques alongside local Canarian ingredients.

We start day six at a bakery in Lajares where you can expect a massive treat for the senses as you step into the unassuming entrance under the large, hand-made wooden sign. The amazing variety of breads, cakes and world-class pastries inside create a riot of colours and aromas, delighting the eye and bathing you in scents such as buttery croissant, sweet custard and home-baked loaves and baguettes.

After this you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the island at your own pace enjoying some free time.

In the afternoon we will share a barbecue with both meat and vegetarian options. We’ ll have the opportunity to share our impressions of the week, look at some photos of our amazing trips and visits, generally enjoying and reflecting on the end of a trip that we assure you will be impossible to forget.

We hope you return home refreshed, invigorated and with new skills, hobbies and friends to carry with you throughout life, and we are super-proud and pleased to be able to share our passion for Fuerteventura, its nature and laid-back lifestyle with you.  We hope you love our amazing little island as much as we do and come back and see us all very soon.

Thanks for the memories and buen viaje.


Any questions?

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