Why Canary Islands?

Stress is the worst pandemic that mankind has ever known. It has a negative impact on both professional and personal life. Companies and individuals alike are increasingly aware of the need to establish holiday breaks allowing employees to release the emotional overload.


The gentle weather of the Canary Islands is a key factor in the development of bicycle tourism in the archipelago. The practice of this sport is constantly growing worldwide and the Canary Islands can become a European “oasis” as a unique getaway.


The lush beauty of islands’ natural environments and the distinctive quality of the light bathing them make this place a perfect paradise for this community of athletes. There is no better promotion of the islands than the images of these athletes who will conquer the most remote places of our territory.

Slow Life

Getting a good rest is essential for both personal well-being and productivity. The Canary Islands is the ideal place offering a combination of stunning nature, peaceful lifestyle and healthy and delicious gastronomy. If we add the practice of sports to all of the above we get the perfect formula to release accumulated stress.


The warm, friendly and laid-back character of Canarians leaves no one unmoved. Canarian culture and lifestyle seem to understand positive human relationships as a must in a healthy society. Canarian people enjoy life to the fullest and feel profound love and respect for their homeland...and that has an impact on virtually everything.

The Community

Biking brings people together. We believe in a tourist experience that creates the perfect atmosphere and setting for the budding of lifelong friendships. We want our clients to come back and experience the contrasts and wonders of each island.

The sea and the beach

The sea means health. In the Canary Islands the visitor can combine the practice of cycling with a wide range of water sports. The archipelago is paradise for sports lovers.

Watching the sunset on the beach after bike riding in the mountains. Is there a better way to end the day? This is the only spot in Europe where you can have such an experience during the winter.