A connected community of athletes connected by the passion for cycling who choose the Canary Islands as a meeting point.

Bike Rental + Shuttle

Premium mountainbikes, e-bikes and and road bikes and high end material available for the cyclist. A bike shuttle in the islands.

Consulting in bicycle touring

Strategic consulting services to boost the bicycle touring industry in the Canary Islands.


Bicycle touring is a rapidly growing industry linked to the global trend towards healthy habits and the practice of sports, the proliferation of active tourism in  natural settings, and the pursuit of sustainable environment-friendly lifestyles.

During 2015 around 6 million trips related to cycling were registered in Europe. The forecast for 2020 is that this figure will triple.


Small communities organically emerge around the practice of the various cycling modalities.

Biking communities are very tight groups. We want to build on these existing synergies to promote the emergence of a community around BKRS based on the experience of doing cycling tourism in the
Canary Islands.