1 – 9th September  2018



Prepare to once again experience the child-like joy that comes with the freedom of riding a E-MTB, outdoors in nature, where the trails never end…

You are one of us. You love the two wheels. You dream of forests and mountains.Discover an island custom designed to have the perfect experience at the controls of an e-mtb.We will show you a place hard to forget. You will know places to think about. You will meet people who make their passion a whole way of life. This is the essence of BKRS.

Single occupancy: 1.350€ per person

Double occupancy: 1.120€ per person


Is it for me?

You are generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions: singletrack, double track, muddy, dry, loose, bedrock…

You’ll have a go on moderate technical features, such as small rock gardens, small drops and steeper sections, but may get off and walk certain technical features, You are comfortable mountain biking up to five/six hours a day at a moderate pace. You want to enjoy the island, aiming to ride more of those moderate technical features.

How hard it is?

We have designed our week schedule to satisfy visitors with any level of fitness or ability. For us it’s most important that each participant is free to choose both the sporting and recreational objectives for their trip without external pressure. We are here to advise and support, and we specialize in active tourism. We understand that each person has different needs and we’re able to tailor and adapt our core programme to suit any individual.

*Please note that all routes are subject to change depending on local conditions.

All trips include:

  • Expert planning and guide support from our team.
  • Shuttle Van and driver.
  • Premium e-Bikes.
  • Unique routes.
  • Top-level mechanics.
  • Sea-food and fish barbacue.
  • Meat & Veggies barbacue.
  • Homemade paella.

Flights and travel insurance are not included.
Double occupancy as standard.

Trip highlights:

  • Catch all the best views, brought to life by the light of the sunsets over the volcanoes and rocky coast-line.
  • Experience the power and versatility of our Commnecal META Power e-mountain bikes.
  • Sample a traditional and authentic paella cooked by a native Valencian.
  • Taking our volcanic, e-bike night-ride for an amazing “another planet” experience.
  • The atmosphere is always relaxed, good-humoured and easy, but our guides remain supportive, attentive and fully focused on your enjoyment and safety.
  • The slower pace of life and laid-back vibe of Fuerteventura is the perfect environment to un-wind, de-stress and meditate.


On the day of your arrival when the long hours of travel may mean fatigue or tired limbs, we would like to welcome you to your BKRS  experience with a barbecue made from locally and ethically sourced sea-food and fish.  Relax, settle in and unwind whilst sampling the best local produce, cooked simply, using traditional methods, and getting to know the group before for the coming adventures. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have and to meet your guide.

We believe that the best way to get you started on your bike experience is to bring you directly into our world, taking you to the places where we enjoy riding and training every day! This loop runs trough the best volcanoes of the NNW part of the island, with a series of uphill and downhill sections on different kinds of ground and taking in a series of stunning landscapes. We’ll encounter a few technically tricky sections mixed with smoother flowing ones, and we’ll give you all the advice and tips you need to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment. You’re going to love it!

Today we shuttle to Vallebron to start the tour. In the first part we’ll mix climbs and descents across the mountains and small villages of this part of Fuerteventura, enjoying great views both to the east and west of the island. After the most thrilling downhill of the day we cross the island trailing a ravine till the west coast and we finish the tour with a ride along a particularly scenic section of the coastal path taking in the spectacular sunset on our way to our final destination, El Cotillo.

Whilst you wash away the dust our Valencian Chef will begin to prepare a wonderful paella; the perfect complement to the days action-packed pursuits.

Free day.

Ok, so we don’t have the high mountains of the Alps, Canada etc. but we do have a totally unique landscape and here in the heart of the island you’re going to enjoy it at it’s best. We shuttle to Betancuria to start a tour characterised by technical and sometimes steep climbs, fun and varied downhills, ridge riding, and a single trail ride inside the only Canarian pine forest of Fuerteventura. Bringing the tour to a close riding in one of the most impressive valleys of the island before heading back out towards the ocean again.

Our night-time cycling Fuerteventura journey starts in the pretty town of Lajares at around dusk, as we seize the last remaining daylight to reach an exquisite spot, from where we’ll enjoy an incredible, Canarian sunset. From there we turn on the lights and traverse coastal paths until we arrive at a magnificent and mountainous region, the true beauty of which is rendered almost magical by the cover of night.

We’ll enjoy the natural grandeur of Fuerteventura, soaking up the silence and the absence of light-pollution. Finally we’ll descend, back toward Lajares where we will round off our adventure with a well-earned snack, whilst sharing the stories and adventures of the expedition.

Free Day + Good bye barbacue

We hope you return home refreshed, invigorated and with new skills, hobbies and friends to carry with you throughout life, and we are super-proud and pleased to be able to share our passion for Fuerteventura, its nature and laid-back lifestyle with you.  We hope you love our amazing little island as much as we do and come back and see us all very soon.

Thanks for the memories and buen viaje.


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