Enjoy the experience of riding a META HT with our E-Bike rental Fuerteventura services.* The META POWER and the META HT POWER are not simple bikes designed around a motor, but a genuine META on which we integrate a compact, silent, powerful and lightweight system.They use cranksets with a specific E-Mountain bike chainring (the diameter optimises pedalling effectiveness, mud evacuation, suspension performance, gear ratio management and chain wear) and both use pec Plus-size tires. It’s the ideal choice for enhanced grip, traction and comfort!

Important: We only rent this bike in guided tours experiences.

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“We have been perfecting our own ebike for several years now.We have built a number of prototypes, we have tested many motors and we have combined them with different types of batteries. However, we couldn’t launch an ebike without a reliable and efficient electric system. No rush!

Then, Shimano released their E8000. ompact, lightweight and powerful motor; ingeniously located display; perfect trigger ergonomics; Bluetooth connection to adjust the set ups and update the system… and the worldwide aftersales service from Shimano! In a nutshell, it was the perfect time to enter the game!

From geometry to components, nothing has been overlooked. No compromise. Regarding the battery, we decided to use a “semi-integrated” solution. The stock Shimano battery is simply positioned on the frame to lower the centre of gravity.”


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